So you've been contemplating spraying your first piece of furniture but you haven't taken the plunge yet...

Welcome, friend! You're in the right place and you are not alone. 

Ready to go from:
Being too afraid?

Not knowing where to start?

Not achieving a smooth finish?

Spending too much time?

Instead you can:

Spraying with confidence!

Skip all the guesswork!

Create flawless finishes...

In half the amount of time!


We get it!

We've been there too. Maybe you have purchased your paint gun but you are feeling unsure of where to even begin with setting it up. That was me for a long time! I didn't want to waste paint, my time, or worse, an entire piece of furniture! Which, when I think about it, is laughable because:

A. your time is the most valuable and

B. nothing you do can't be undone!

We are going to show you how we do it step-by-step to remove all the guesswork of spraying your first piece because the last thing we want you to do is waste your time or money. The course even INCLUDES a kit with everything you need so you have the exact same materials as what we use in the class.

Are you in?!

This course will have you confidently spraying your first piece in under 3 days. 


We'll go over the basics of your spray gun setup and paint mixing ratios.


How to prep your piece properly for the spray application.


We'll cover spraying your piece to achieve a smooth and even finish.


You'll learn how to finish and protect your piece for lasting durability.

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    • Learn to spray paint furniture
    • Class + Kit
  • Silver Plan

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