The Vintage Warehouse
Let's be Social!

Bring measuresments, an empty car, and your hunting eye - because we will have deals on furniture, fixtures and everything in between!

The Vintage Warehouse is an extension of Timeless Trends Boutique. Formerly a carriage house, it now gets transformed to showcase a funky, eclectic collection of vintage items for your home and garden. The Warehouse Open House is open the second weekend of each month and has become a “don’t miss” destination for shoppers looking for those one-of-a-kind vintage, re-purposed and up-cycled items. If you can't make it the second weekend, no worries, just ask when you're in the boutique and we'd be happy to walk you out there!


We're always looking for new vendors to add to our team!
Please fill out our application and send it via mail or email as outlined on the app.

A unique shopping destination featuring timeless home decor and gifts.